Belgian Boat Show 2020


The rush to the water starts on Belgian Boat Show 2020

Each year from February again the interest starts for the water fun. ‘ The water and the immediate environment such as beaches and shores of lakes or rivers remains a major attraction for sport, recreation and tourism. “says Christophe Cansın, head of Belgian Boat Show. ‘ This event enhances the attraction for this leisure sport and brings all the people active in watersports under one roof together. Motoryachts, open boats, surf, kite and wake boards, clothing, the right accessories and safety equipment … In short: you will find it all whether you’re an experienced sailer, or for the first time venture on to the water. ”

The programme and details of the offer can be found at

Belgian Boat Show practical;


From Wednesday 5 February till Sunday 9 February 2020

Wed. and Thu. open from 12h till 20h
Friday open from 12h till 22h (nocturne!)
Sat. and Sun. open from 10h tot 18h

Flanders Expo Gent
Maaltekouter 1 BE-9051 Gent