Hiswa in-water boat show 2020


HISWA te water 2020
In 2020, after a successful second edition, HISWA in-water, the largest in-water boat show in Northern Europe, will once again take place in the Bataviahaven in Lelystad.

With more than 22,500 visitors and an excellent atmosphere, the 35th edition, and also the first edition in Lelystad, can be called a great success. On the quay and the jetties of the Batavia Haven it buzzed with positive messages. The new location, the layout of the harbor, the decoration, the wide range of boats, the diversity of quay exhibitors and of course the test sailing, everything seemed to contribute to a positive atmosphere.

During the 35th edition of the HISWA in-water a total of 298 new boats were shown, 17.5% more than last year in Amsterdam. The feeling on the quay was not only good, also in the area of ​​sales there were optimistic sounds to hear. For example, boats were already sold on the first day of the fair and many people followed a full agenda for follow-up appointments.

The 37th edition of the HISWA in-water will also take place in the Bataviahaven of Lelystad. The port will be transformed again in 2019 into the Walhalla for every type of water sports enthusiast from 2 to 6 September.

Would you like to know more about this boat show ? Please check the website https://www.hiswatewater.nl/