Buying a boat

Buying a boat with Sealion Yachts

Are you searching for a Yacht? Have a look at our selection of used Sailing Yachts and Motorboats presently For Sale at Sealion Yachts and send us your inquiry!

If we do not have what you are looking for, order a search with Sealion Yachts to find the yacht of your dreams! Tell us what you require in a boat, such as the size, how many berths or cabins, budget, type of propulsion and other specific needs or wishes. Together we establish a profile of the boat that fulfils your requirements. We follow the developments in the market and may already be familiar with the boat you are looking for.

If you have an interest in a particular Yacht which is located in The Netherlands, you can also use our brokerage service to prepare and establish your purchase. We can visit the boat, make a photo report, investigate the Right of Ownership, perform a Registry check, or draw up the Contract of Purchase in case you decide to go ahead with the deal. Contact us for more information and our tailormade offer for our purchase brokerage service.

A Yacht can be registered in the public records of the Netherlands Ships Registry. The ship will be marked with a unique number applied by the Ships Registry. This type of Registration is the only legal proof that you are the rightful owner of your ship, even in the event your ship would be resold after theft. In case you wish to finance your purchase by a mortgage, then registration is a mandatory procedure.
Sealion Yachts examines in the public records who is registered as the lawful owner of a boat and whether the boat is encumbered or not. Thus we try to avoid any unpleasant surprises afterwards.

If you buy a motorboat that is less than 20 meters long and/or which can go faster than 20 km/h on engine power, it must be registered with the RDW. Registration of the motorboat is required when using the vessel on the Dutch inland waterways. If you buy a motorboat with a Dutch registration mark and registration license, you must have the registration transferred to your own name or the name of a legal entity. For more information, please refer to the website of the RDW.

When buying a yacht, it is important to know the VAT status of the ship. This can be proven by the original invoice. If this document has gone missing, it is wise to apply for a VAT statement from the Customs office. In the event the Customs authorities will check your paperwork and you are unable to prove that the VAT has been paid in the past, they may still require you to fulfill payment of VAT. Sealion Yachts checks the VAT status and assists with the application of a new VAT statement.

Survey & Sea Trial
Prior to closing the deal you can arrange a survey, which will provide a complete picture about the technical condition of the Yacht you intend to purchase. This is to asses there are no significant defects, which could stand in the way of enjoying your newly acquired boat. As the buyer, you will also fulfill your legal obligation to investigate if there are any defects. The Sea Trial determines whether the technical equipment on board, such as the engine and rudder, are properly functioning as you may expect they would under normal sailing conditions. Sealion Yachts can recommend a number of accredited and independent Yacht Surveyors in The Netherlands from our database.

Yacht Transport & Insurance
Sealion Yachts can assist you with arranging the transport of your newly acquired Yacht to your homeport. For road transport we can put you in touch with a professional transportation company, or search for a crew to transport your Yacht on her own keel.
Once you become the owner of a yacht, you are also liable and bear all the risks. If necessary, we can advise you on various insurance options.